Provide P+T Committee Support

Produce meeting agenda

Provide drug class evaluation for major clinical classes: GI, respiratory, anti-infective, CNS, cardiovascular, and endocrine

Provide sub-class evaluations:

GI proton pump inhibitors, H2 antagonists

CNS NSAIDs, SSRIs, anti-depressants

Provide new drug evaluations

For organizations without a P+T Committee, these services are available on demand.

Support for Manufacturer Contracting and Rebate Management

Coordinate activities with clients to take advantage of available rebate contracting offered by drug manufacturers

Develop and maintain formulary documents consistent with rebate requirements

Formulary Development

Work with clients to establish how drugs will be covered by the plan

Evaluate how new drugs will fit into current classes or impact adjacent classes

Provide clients with evaluations of member/physician requests for drugs that are not on the formulary or are non-preferred