t either allegation.  No conclusive evidence has surfaced that the careful therapeutic use of CNS stimulants is harmful.

Another method of treatment is behavior modification.  Both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy have their proponents.  There seems to be no substantive benefit from combining the two treatments.  There is indication of some improvement in social behavior that is greatly appreciated by both teachers and family.  One other reason for considering treatment with both methods is the possibility of reducing the drug dosage.  Some limited research suggests this may be true, but again this is not supported by long-term studies. ADHD

Additional information about ADD/ADHD is available on the internet.  Some suggested sites:

            www.chadd.org                                             www.add.org
            www.mentalhealth.com                                 www.onhealth.webmd.com
            www.nih.gov/publicat/helpchild.cfm              www.nih.gov/publicat/adhdqa.cfm

January 2001

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